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Player comments on Pool : Pool
"I have been bragging to all my friends about what an amazing piece of software your game is and recommend it highly. My wife and I sure miss playing your wonderful simulation!! Thanks again
Gene - July 6 '02"
Pool game
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Billiards and pool games set - all in one!
  Grown from 15th century Pool and Billiards games continue to attract minds of players, and eventually puzzle matematicians by highly intellectual and organic gameplay process. This mystery of game aspects is implemented into Live Billiards game. Precise physics, 3d reality aspects like ball jumps, ball rotation and more, were taken into consideration during development.
  3 dimensional pool with strike controls taken from real life pool. Exact ball paths, precise cue shots, warm bar atmosphere, comfortable chat with opponents - simply the best!
  The latest game version has following games : Snooker, Eight Ball, Nine Ball, Straight Pool, 14+1, 3 ball, Pyramid, American Pool, Rotation and a secret DeathMatch. English or masse shot supported, play with your friends head to head, online or by home network.
  Play billiards here with hot shots from all over the globe! Play against real or computer opponents.
Pool Billiards game screenshots
See Pool Billiards game screenshot See Pool Billiards game screenshot
See Pool Billiards game screenshot See Pool Billiards game screenshot
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Pool Billiards Features

• Exact English and Masse shots.

• Tutotials and help on how to target balls.

• Play over Internet, local net or head to head

• Built-in chat

• Humans driven support

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